To provide our associates with more information on Flowserve products, we are communicating the obsolescence plan of some of our PMV branded products.

No longer in production:

  • WS/WM with a resin housing, code “RR”
  • P1540 Anti vibration
  • P1700 series
  • P3/EP3 series
  • Old D20 series, both General purpose & Intrinsically safe
  • P4 series; KP4, APEX 4000
  • EP5FS fail safe option

PMV product line can fully support the above obsolescence plan with alternative products meeting all market requirements.

  • WS/WM resin market can be fully covered by PS/PM devices
  • P1700 market can be covered by P1500 series or P5 Tufram coated
  • P3, please contact your PMV representative for correct product selection
  • EP3 market can be covered by  D20 positioner
  • P4 market can be covered by P5 
  • EP5FS market can be covered byD3 w/fail freeze option
  • Old D20 market can be fully covered by New D20 and D30 devices

Flowserve will continue to provide support on all PMV products as part of this obsolescence plan,to ensure a smooth transition to new devices. 

Contact your Flowserve sales representative for any requests or if you need additional information.

Leonardo OngettaGlobal Product Leader –Positioners and Switch Boxes

Flowserve, Flow Control Division