Practical information for visitors

You are warmly welcome to visit PMV. Below are some practical tips:

Basic Facts 

Sweden is located north of Germany, west of Finland and Russia, at 55-69N, 11-25E. It’s one of the Scandinavian countries, together with Denmark, Norway and Finland.
The size of Sweden is 450,000 km2 (roughly the same size as California or Japan), with 10 Million inhabitants. Stockholm is the capital of Sweden with a population of 1.8 Million.

English is widely spoken, major credit cards are accepted in most shops, taxis etc.

Stockholm International airport, Arlanda, is located 40 km north of Solna and is serviced by all major airlines
(Click into the picture to view map). 

PMV is located just outside Stockholm city. Take underground line number 10, the blue line, to station Solna Strand. (Click into the picture to view map). 

Flight times to Stockholm

  • London 2 h 35′ 
  • New York 8 h 45′ 
  • Paris 2h 30′ 
  • Tokyo 13h 10′


Taxi ride from Stockholm – Arlanda airport to down town is around SEK 700:-
Always ask for a fixed price. Most taxis accept credit cards and all are non smoking.
We suggest the following cab operator:

Practical Links about Stockholm


The currency is SEK

Bank notes are SEK 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000.
Coins are SEK 1, 2, 5 and 10.
Euro (EUR) is not accepted in Sweden


Electric current is 230 V AC, 50 Hz
Don’t forget adaptor and converter that fits our outlets.


Visa may be required to enter EU for citizens outside EU.

Tap water is drinkable.


PMV is located in Solna (view map).

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