P5/EP5/APEX 7000

The PMV P5 and EP5 positioners are fast and accurate. They available in pneumatic (P5) or electropneumatic (EP5) configurations. Choose from explosion-proof (EP5-EX), fail freeze (EP5-FS) and intrinsically safe (EP5-IS) options.


The P2000 is an electropneumatic positioner with double stage function for accurate control. Suits rotary or linear actuators, both single and double acting function. 4-20 mA input signal and simple to calibrate.


The P1500 provides accurate positioning even in harsh industrial environment. Its simple design offers the user easy calibration with an internal span and an external zero adjustment. The unit is designed for double acting applications but can easily be used for single acting applications by plugging one port. It provides the combination of low air […]


The D30 is a robust, intelligent positioner with very high air capacity. Based on proven digital technology, it features a large, high-performance spool valve controlled by a unique intelligent control algorithm.

D20 and D20Ex

The PMV D20 compact digital positioner suits both linear and rotary actuators in single-acting applications. Very high control precision on even the smallest valves. IS, NI and explosion-proof versions.

D3 and D3Ex

Featuring a zero-bleed pneumatic relay, the PMV D3 positioner is suitable for linear or rotary valves, single- or double-acting actuators, and special applications. Available with general purpose, intrinsically safe or explosion-proof housings, and with plug-in modules for limit switches and feedback. Extremely low air/energy consumption – zero bleed – meets EPA 6.0 SCFH leak limit => can use […]

DTM-Valve Sight

ValveSight allows the users at all levels of experience or technical sophistication to be able to use the solution – no matter what kind of control valve is being used. ValveSight uses a dashboard-like interface that does not require the user to navigate alarms to understand the health of the device. It has been specially […]


PMV EP3 is a modular electropneumatic positioner for linear actuators with strokes 6-60 mm. It’s easily converted from pneumatic to electropneumatic by simply adding an I/P converter. Available in single acting version.

Discontinued Products


The P1700 series is specially designed for use in corrosive or high temperature environments with all external parts made from stainless steel. The P1700 series can offer the combination of low air consumption and high air capacity. It is designed for double acting applications but can easily be used for single acting applications by plugging […]