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For over thirty years Palmstiernas has been developing, producing and marketing positioners. With a broad product package, PMV offers positioners for almost any application.

PMV has over one million positioners and switch boxes on the word market. Any valve application, in any world market, is a potential application for PMV products.

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New ValveSight FDT/DTM technology for D3 digital positioners

ValveSight allows the users at all levels of experience or technical sophistication to be able to use the solution
- no matter what kind of control valve is being used.

ValveSight uses a dashboard-like interface that does not require the user to navigate alarms to understand the health of the device. It has been specially designed to communicate complex information simply and quickly.

The ValveSight DTM is now available for:
- Foundation Fieldbus

Ordering info

 - The basic DTM is available for free download. For upgrade to the Advance Diagnostic DTM, please contact your local sales representative.
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In the spotlight

D20 in the spotlight

PMV D20 is a compact digital positioner that suits both linear and rotary actuators. Its modular and flexible design allows mounting according to both the standards VDI/VDE 3845 for rotary and VDI/VDE 3847 for linear actuators with integrated tubing