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For over thirty years Palmstiernas has been developing, producing and marketing positioners. With a broad product package, PMV offers positioners for almost any application.

PMV has over one million positioners and switch boxes on the word market. Any valve application, in any world market, is a potential application for PMV products.

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Stainless steel pneumatic positioner

The PMV P-1700 series is specially designed for use in corrosive or high temperature environments with all external parts made from stainless steel. Internal parts are made from stainless steel on models P-1700 and 1720, and from aluminum on models P-1710 and P-1730.

The models P-1720 and P-1730 are high air delivery models. The P-1700 series is designed for double acting applications but can easily be used for single acting applications by plugging one port. A PMV I/P converter in a stainless steel field housing which easily mounts on top of P-1700 series is available.

Ordering info

Model no
P1700 - Doubleacting, pneumatic, all stainless
P1710 - Doubleacting, pneumatic, brass /Al internals
P1720 - Doubleacting, pneumatic, high capacity, all stainless
P1730 - Double acting, pneumatic high capacity, brass /Al internals
Air connection
N - 1/4" NPT
01 - 14 mm female
23 - VDI/VDE 3845
FS1 - Stainless steel cam
F45 - Stainless steel cam
PV9 - 90º, 0-100% scale
PV0 - No indicator
D - Direct
R - Reverse
F - Flag
B - Blind
Input signal
3 - 3-15 psi
6 - 6-30 psi
Z - Nitril, NBR -20º to +85ºC
V - Viton
Q - Silicon Q -40ºC to +85ºC
S - Super high temp
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