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For over thirty years Palmstiernas has been developing, producing and marketing positioners. With a broad product package, PMV offers positioners for almost any application.

PMV has over one million positioners and switch boxes on the word market. Any valve application, in any world market, is a potential application for PMV products.

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Compact digital positioner

PMV D20/D22 is a compact digital positioner that suits both linear and rotary actuators. Its modular and flexible design allows mounting according to both the standards VDI/VDE 3845 for rotary and VDI/VDE 3847 for linear actuators with integrated tubing.

Further on, PMV D20/D22 offers feedback capability with optional plug in switches, HART communication and auto calibration for simple and trouble free commissioning.

The explosion proof version is available both in stainless steel and aluminium for single acting operation.

Ordering info

Model no
D20 - Digital compact positioner, General purpose, LED status
D22 - Digital compact positioner, LCD Display+LED Status
Approval, Certificate
D - General purpose version
I - Intrinsically safe version ATEX
E - Explosion proof
Connections Air, Electrical
M - 1/4" NPT air, M20 x 1,5 electrical x 2
N - 1/4" NPT air, 1/2" NPT electrical x 2
Housing/Surface treatment
U - Aluminium/Powder epoxy, black
S - Stainless Steel
S - Single acting
D - Double acting, incl gauges (General Purpose and Intrinsically Safe versions only)
Mounting options / Spindle
09 - Double D type, adaptor spindle
12 - Flowtop, D-style+ nut, direct mounting, Kit 30144 included
23 - VDI/VDE 3845 rotary, Mounting kit not included
39 - IEC 534-6, Flat D type, nut incl. Mounting kit not included
40 - VDI/VDE 3847 Linear, Flat D, Mounting kit 30145 included
Cover and Indicator
PVA - PMV,Black cover, Arrow indicator
PVB - PMV, Black cover, No indicator
PVD - PMV, Black cover, Dome indicator
Z - Standard -20°C to 85°C (-4°F to 185°F)
Q - Low temp -40°C to 85°C (-38°F to 185°F)
Input signal/Protocol
4 - 4-20 mA / none
5 - 4-20 mA / HART
Feedback option, 4-20 mA transmitter, switches
X - No feedback option
T - 4-20 mA transmitter only
S - Limit switches Mechanical SPDT + 4-20mA
N - Namur V3 type sensor, P+F NJ2-V3-N + 4-20mA
P - Limit switches Proximity SPDT + 4-20mA
4 - Slot type Namur sensor, P+F SJ2-S1N + 4-20mA
5 - Slot type Namur sensor, P+F SJ2-SN + 4-20mA
6 - Slot type Namur sensor, P+F SJ2-N + 4-20mA
Options, Add in electronics
0 - Standard diagnostics
X - No Accessories
M - Gauge block 1/8" G (2 x gauges included)
N - Gauge block 1/8" NPT (2 x gauges included)
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Declaration of Conformity



 Spindles for D20/D22 and D3 (metric)
 Spindles for D20/D22 and D3 (inch)


 D20/D22 calibration
 D20/D22 in/output signal calibration

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