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Experience in motion

For over thirty years Palmstiernas has been developing, producing and marketing positioners. With a broad product package, PMV offers positioners for almost any application.

PMV has over one million positioners and switch boxes on the word market. Any valve application, in any world market, is a potential application for PMV products.

Product Selection


The PMV products are known for their reliability in a wide variety of often harsh environments.

> D3 - Digital positioner with Communication
> D20 / D22 - Compact digital positioner
> D30 - Digital positioner
Electro Pneumatic
> EP5 - Modular and flexible Electropneumatic positioner
> PT700 - I/P converter for field mounting
> EP3 - Modular linear electropneumatic positioner
> XCL/XML - Explosion proof switchbox
> PS/PM - Engineered Resin Switchbox
> WS/WM - Compact low profile switchbox new generation
> DS/DM - Compact Ultraswitch switch box with ATEX IIC rating
> F5 - Flexible and easy to add on P5/EP5
> F5 IS/EX - Feedback unit, intrinsically safe/explosion proof
> P5 - Modular and flexible Pneumatic positioner
> P3 - Modular linear positioner
> P1700 - Stainless steel pneumatic positioner
> ValveSight - New ValveSight FDT/DTM technology for D3 digital positioners
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In the spotlight

ValveSight for the D3 digital positioner

The ValveSight dtm provides preventative diagnostics that recommend early actions which can prevent failures and may keep a customer's process running longer.